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13/06/17 – Andy Field was up court today where he received a 4 year prison sentence.

11/04/17 – Andy field of Farnham, Surrey was in court this afternoon, where he was up for two charges bought against him.

1) Section 15(1)(a) (meeting a child following sexual grooming etc) He pleaded NOT GUILTY.

2) possession of a bladed article/offensive weapon, in a public place. He pleaded GUILTY

Andy was remanded into custody, until a hearing at the crown court. The Magistrates felt uncomfortable sentencing Andy for the possession of a blade, and left it for the crown court. However the CPS are arguing that the two charges should be classed as one incident,

09/04/17 – Andy Field of Farnham, Surrey was arrested for meeting 3 young children aged 10 & 11 for sex, after online grooming.

03/04/17 – Arron Jones, was up court today to put his plea forward. However this was adjourned until 12th May, pending a psychological report.

02/04/17 – ~Matthew Arnold, was arrested for attempting to arrange or facilitate the meeting of a 13 year old girl for sex. He was put on police bail on, 03/04/17  for 6 weeks until 12/05/17 until pending further enquiries by the CPS. We believe there is enough evidence for a charge.

29/03/17 – Mark Short, was arrested for attempting to arrange or facilitate the meeting of a 14 year old girl for sex. He was put on police bail, pending further enquiries.

18/03/17 – Carl Bray, has now been bailed, and been removed from Rawmarsh Hill, with Police help.

16/03/17 – Carl Bray, was met by The Hunted One today (16th March) but he was also talking to us. Carl was planning to meet us on 19/03 at Rotherham Train Station. Carl was arrested

10/05/17 – Arron Jones, is up for plea on 3rd April at Leicester Crown Court

05/03/17 – A documentary will be aired on French & German TV, in May. We will keep you all updated as soon as we hear more, and post the english version soon as we have it..

on or around the 8th April, we will of course get the footage and upload onto our website and soon as we receive it. This will be focused on the Arron Jones Case, and also it will tell you more about how we operate as a group, and what our ultimate goal is..

05/03/17  – Arron Jones (23) of Birstall, Leicester came to meet a 13 year old girl for sex, at Beaumont leys, Leicester. He met The Midland Hunters, and has now been arrested and been remanded into custody.