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Who are we

We are a secret organisation of dedicated parents, pro-actively seeking out & exposing online groomers,sexual predators and paedophile’s. We set up our network, when we realised just how many sexual predators were online, with free reign, for their own sexual gratification. These predator’s are actively manipulating,grooming & abusing children who are very vulnerable and unprotected.

What we do

We seek out online groomers, we expose their true predatory natures towards our children.We name & shame these predators within public domains to raise awareness amongst communities. We forward all our evidence to the authorities, in a hope we gain harsh sentences/convictions.

Our journey

We are moving forward in a positive direction, in our fight to combat child abuse & to save children from a lifetime of hurt & trauma. We patrol internet forums/social media, flushing out these sexual predators and forward all our evidence over to the authorities

Sadly, we do have to experience vulgar & vile grooming, thats the negative part of the process but we are mentally prepared, as we have an ultimate goal in our sights for a positive outcome,we would prefer it be to us, than any child.

Our ultimate goal

As a group and a network, The Midland Hunters, we target paedophiles who groom, people that wish to try and condition and programme   young  children online, whose mind states being very very young and learning in life and new possibilities coming ahead and these people completely,  in fact brainwashing them, through their sexual lusts and desires, which they have no self-control, and no regard for the law or no regard for  age.

So justice is about these predators, these people that wish to convict these innocent children and subject them through psychological, emotional and mental difficult times in their life. It’s important we bring these people to justice for the courts, to outweigh the evidence and to hopefully get a conviction, and bring these people into justice so they in some way can be rehabilitated. Because I know a lot of the General public see this,  and a majority say they want these paedophiles hanged and killed and locked up for good. But let’s be realistic here and the truth in the matter  is and it’s a fact, that all these paedophiles who groom young children online, they are going to be released one day from prison. So  rehabilitation is very very important, because they are going to be let out again into society, and whether there on the sex offenders list or not, it’s important that we know, that when they have been in prison, they have had the correct support networks and the help that they need to understand psychologically what they’re doing is wrong, and the motives and reasons behind what they’re doing. Because like I said there going to be released back into society, and if we can’t rehabilitate, if we can’t reform their character in some way and subject them to change, then it’s just going to a vicious circle and its never to go end. So we have to believe as a nation, we have to believe that everyone can change, the criteria of life is everybody can change, when they have an understandment, and these people don’t understand what they’re doing is wrong, they have no psychological or emotional actions  that prove what they are doing is wrong because they are all sociopaths, they are not led by emotions and by care, but we need to recognise that these people need help and we want to bring them to justice in order to get them help, because they can’t see they need help, as many experts say  – including the NSPPC – believe that child safety would be improved if more was done to try and rehabilitate child sex offenders


We are ‘The Midlands Hunters’, we will find you, we will expose you……



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Paedophile caged for 12 years who abused children young as 5…

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