Male tried to avoid being caught….

Male tried to avoid being caught….

We would like to thank a mother, who messaged us a few weeks ago with regards to a male, that was grooming her 13 year old daughter online. This male was hiding behind a fake profile, with no profile picture and certainly not giving anything away.

They asked us to help them in identifying the male so he can be bought to Justice. They did contact the police to start of with, but they said they cant do much and to just block him. It would of took them weeks, maybe months to trace him down, so we took over the matter, and he started to speaking to us (The Midland Hunters). When asked for his age, he said he was 13/14 and when asked for a picture of himself he decided to send a pic of Troy from High School Musical (pic below). At this point we came to the conclusion this male did not want to be caught. Whilst we was talking to this male, we wanted to try a trace this male as he was sexually grooming children online. This male wanted to meet a number of times but failed to show, we was not surprised! We believed there was more to him than meets the eye. We decided to conduct our own investigation to gather intelligence before we handed it over to the POLIT unit of our local force. As a group we decided we had to catch this male, as the male was trying to avoid being caught. It took just under a week to track this male down, Age (27), Location, Telephone number etc. Once we had this we handed it all over to the police, for them to do their work and hopefully make way for an arrest. We could of approached the male himself by going to his address, but we felt we could not do that, as he could easily shut the door, and thrown any evidence away, as we thought there could be more to it, and did not want to damage the case. The male was arrested & he was charged with:

1) Sexual communication with a child
2) Attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child
3) Attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming

He appeared at Leicester Magistrates Court, where he denied all charges. He was remanded into custody. The male is due to attend Leicester Crown Court on Monday 19th June for his plea.
Our local force are not giving us no more information with regards to this male in question, we believe there are more charges to come to light, we don’t know as the force wont tell us. They have not took a statement from us, even tho we handed all them the intelligence and was even speaking to him. This goes to show, they don’t like other people doing the work for them. We should be working together. We would like to thank our follower who reported this to us, and thanks to their daughter for having the courage to do a statement to hopefully bring this male to justice. Once the male has been through the justice system we will disclose more details. 

The male appeared at Leicester Crown Court Today, and he pleaded NOT GUILTY to all counts. However it came to light today he was grooming another 12 year old girl. The police have still not asked for our evidence or took a statement from ourselves. There will be a trial…