#6 Ralph Sutton (55) of Devon #Chatlog #Updates

#6 Ralph Sutton (55) of Devon #Chatlog #Updates

On 16th April 2017 Ralph initiated a chat with what he believed was a 13 year old girl. In the conversation Ralph stated he want to be the girl’s Daddy, and he wanted her as a sexy daughter. He did state it was ok for Daddy to do naughty things with their daughters, and he did state it was a fantasy of his, He also stated he wanted to do numerous sex acts with her, including licking her bum hole, and he wanted her to suck his penis, and a lot more. He wanted to take her to out the way into the countryside, where they can have a few ciders together. This 13 year old stated her age a number of times, and Ralph was still ok with this. Ralph got the cold shoulder on Sunday 23rd April 2017, and blocked this female from all social media accounts, that he was talking to her on.

On the same day we decided to call the police, to get an investigation going on this male. We believe from intelligence this male has done this kind of thing before. However we wanted to liaise with his local force (Devon & Cornwall) and hand the evidence over to Devon and Cornwall police.

Whilst the force was making further enquiries, the following day Ralph opened up a new profile, and initiated other conversations with three more of our decoys, ages 12 & 13. The chat was very similar the first decoy (chat below). We was told to carry on with the chat until we felt it was time to end it. We ended all chats on Sunday 7th May 2017. All of this information was passed onto the relevant team, down at Devon & Cornwall Police. We have been regular in direct contact with them, passing all the intelligence and evidence, so they can make way for an arrest. Ralph Sutton was arrested on Wednesday 10th May 2017. Later in the day Ralph was charged. He was charged with 8 offences and these were, sexual communication with a child under 16. He was remanded into custody. 

On Thursday 11th May Ralph attended Exeter crown court. At the hearing Ralph was remanded into prison until a crown court hearing date has been set. On 22nd June Ralph attended his hearing plea. They are as follows: The chat log is below is you scroll down…

Count 1: Attempt sexual communications with a child between 15/4 and 8/5 – GUILTY
Count 2: Breach of SOPO with same dates as above – GUILTY
Count 3: Attempt to incite child to engage in sexual activity – GUILTY
Count 4: like offence to count 1 – NOT GUILTY
Count 5: breach of SOPO with same dates as count 4 – NOT GUILTY
Count 6: like offence to count 1 between 3rd May and 10th May – GUILTY
Count 7: breach of SOPO same dates as count 6 – GUILTY

He will be sentenced on the 4th of July..

 He was sentenced on 4th July. the sentence is as follows:

30 Months In Prison (2 & 1/2 years)
Sexual Harm Prevention Order until further order
Sex Offenders Register