#5 Andy Field (24) of Farnham, Surrey #Chatlog #Video #Updates

#5 Andy Field (24) of Farnham, Surrey #Chatlog #Video #Updates

Andy Field was talking to 2 children to what he believed was 11 years of age. One 11 year old stated she had a friend who was 10 years old, Andy stated this was ok. He was meeting a 11yr old and 10 yr old at Farnham train station in Surrey at approx 10.30am on the 9th April 2017. He was then due to meet the other 11 year old at approx 1.20pm on the same day. Andy was trying not to let these two meets cross wires and wanted the 2 girls that came first, and said they had to go back home around 12, as he had to go work. This was not the case, Andy was due to meet up with another 11 year old girl at approx 1.20pm. Andy made quite a few excuses as to why he was at the train station i.e waiting for a friend, and said he had to go to a job interview. He did state that he only had one Phone with him, which was a black little one. Just before the police arrived, Andy tried to get rid of the other phone behind the advertising board. Andy was arrested and took to Guilford police station, where he will be interviewed. Video & some of the chat log is below..Andy was up magistrates court today 11/04/17, where two charges were up against him. 

1) Section 15(1)(a) (meeting a child following sexual grooming etc) He pleaded NOT GUILTY. He was given 3 years in prison.

2) possession of a bladed article/offensive weapon, in a public place. He pleaded GUILTY. He was given 1 year in prison.

Andy was remanded into custody, until a hearing at the crown court. The Magistrates felt uncomfortable sentencing Andy for the possession of a blade, and left it for the crown court. However the CPS are arguing that the two charges should be classed as one incident. Please select and copy the link below, and put in a browser to watch the video…