#1  Arron Jones of Leicester. #Chatlog #Video #Updates

#1 Arron Jones of Leicester. #Chatlog #Video #Updates

Arron Jones (23), Of Birstall, Leicester came to meet a 13 year old girl for sex, after grooming her online and lying about his age, stating he was (18). Arron blackmailed the 13 year old, into sending him naked pictures, and bribed her with a Pandora bracelet.

Just before we met Arron, the last message the was sent to her, was that he had a bed made in the back of the van. After a police search, a condom was found on Arron, along with a bed in the back of his vehicle.

He has now been charged and remanded, and due to make his plea on 3rd April 2017 at Leicester Crown Court.

Arron Jones was at Leicester Crown Court (16th June 2017) for sentencing.
The sentence was:
2 Years Imprisonment
Sexual Offences Prevention Order for 10 Years
Sex Offenders Register for 10 years


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